About the company

Group of Companies "Unifol" was founded in 1994. "Unifol" has always specialized in manufacturing and supplying packaging materials for food and beverages industry.

For a long time in the Russian market, the company acquired its own production facilities, expanded its sales network. Now the Group of Companies "Unifol" includes: Moscow representative (central), production and office in Fryazino (Moscow Region), a representative office in St. Petersburg, Delegation in Minsk (Belarus) and Vilnius (Lithuania), production and representation in Odessa (Ukraine).

We created design agency and design studio for the joint development of special types of products, including custom sizes.

Availability of highly-qualified specialists and well-functioning quality control system for the production of products has allowed us to create a reputation as a supplier of various products and reliable business partner.

Today the range of products includes the following items:

  • aluminum screw cap for capping bottles of various sizes;
  • cap of PVC shrink film;
  • capsule for champagne;
  • cups and lids made of polypropylene for food with color printing;
  • polypropylene cups with shrink label;
  • polypropylene cup decorated with cardboard;
  • cutting of aluminum foil sealing glass;
  • containers and lids made of polypropylene for food;
  • a glass for ice-cream made of the foil.

The range of products supplied includes the following items:

  • pad of polyethylene foam;
  • corks for still, sparkling and champagne wines.

All products are manufactured from high quality raw materials and organic materials from leading manufacturers. The entire range of products is strictly compliant with the standards in force in Russia. In addition, the company has patented technologies that eliminate the possibility of counterfeiting of your products.