Aluminum foil laminated by paper

Production: France, Germany and Finland.

Field of application:

Packaging of butter, spreads, margarine, cheese cheese-creame products, ice cream, halva, chewing gum, meat, confectionery products.

The glossy aluminum foil 7mk foil / PE 12 g/m2/paper 30g/m2/PE12g/m2

Aluminum foil laminated by paper

WARNING! Supplied by us foil has a density of 75 g/m2, which gives 13.32 m2 pack of 1 kg, while the foil, 82 g/m2, gives 12.05 m2 with 1 kg. Thus, gaining 1,000 kg of foil with a density of 75 g/m2 - you save 1270 m2 of packaging!


Key Features 

Similar to the paper blowing film made ​​of calcium carbonate (chalk) and polyethylene with a light barrier properties. Due to the high mineral content the film is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the touch. The film has excellent coagulation, wrapper holds its shape.


Package for butter and other light-sensitive products.

Print Application

Gives high-quality deep, flexo and offset printing and screen printing.

Processed 44 dyn / cm on both sides.