Aluminum screw cap

Unifol produces aluminum screw caps of different sizes:

  • Diameter 25: 25x43
  • Diameter 28: 28x15, 28x18, 28x34, 28x36, 28x38, 28x44, 28x50, 28x60.
  • Diameter 30: 30x35, 30x42, 30x44, 30x47, 30x56, 30x60/
  • Diameter 31.5: 31.5x40, 31.5x40, 31.5x44

We have all the technical ability to produce a unique size in agreement with the customer.  We manufacture caps of any color with any pattern and logo. Cap construction provides resistance to axial loads and the use of any bottling and corking machine heads with ideal form of preservation and quality of the sealing cap.  Today, we offer a cap for closing bottles of alcoholic and soft drinks, for pharmaceutical products for vegetable oils and other products. We offer a wide range of colors combined technology of printing, hot printing option, and stamping with shaving, causes logo ultraviolet paint. We complete the cap with liner of polyethylene foam, dispenser, or divider.



Article: 28x15

Article: 28x18

Article: 28x38

Article: 28x44

Article: 30x35

Article: 30x60

Article: 31,5x44