The “Unifol” Company produces capping nearly for all types of bottles - aluminum screw caps of various sizes, shrink caps and capsules for champagne. Using the unlimited possibilities of decoration, we offer interesting design solutions, print of any complexity, milling, stamping the side and top, shaving, as well as different types of metering equipment.

Printing and lacquering of aluminum sheets we produce on our own equipment which is capable of applying up to a several colors in one pass. The range of colors and patterns is virtually unlimited, from simple homogeneous colors to specific colors, as well as any pictures or logos.

Stamping process is carried out on high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers under the supervision of professional workers, which provides a high level of product quality.

Printing is performed by screen printing, dry offset printing on modern printing mashines.

Quality control is an essential element of Unifol’s production. We use the latest technology and measure instrumentation in the verification process.

All products manufactured at the plant have hygiene certificates and certificate of conformity and authorized for use in the food industry.