Increasingly, packaging affects the quality of the contained product. The modern manufacturer of various food products are now paying special attention to the quality of packaging. Today, one of the most popular types of wrap packaging is made ​​from polypropylene.

For many of the properties of polypropylene (PP) compares favorably with other materials. It almost does not exhibit hygroscopicity, has excellent chemical resistance to most aggressive media, is used in organic and inorganic concentrated and dilute acids, is an excellent insulator. PP has a low water and gas permeability. Depending on the temperature conditions it has both elastic and plastic properties. Tensile strength under static load of products from PP several times more than similar products made of polystyrene (PS). Copolymers of propylene with ethylene markedly increase its frost resistance, impact strength, while reducing the tendency to form cracks.

One of the main activities of the company is the production of polypropylene caps and lids.

Today the company offers a wide range of shapes and sizes of cups. Cups are made on the basis of 95th and 75th diameters, and 95th diameters polypropylene lids as a scolding, and a tight lid closure, and to be sealed by die-cut from aluminum foil. Depending on customer preferences glass can be made in white or transparent execution with the application of high-quality color printing (up to six colors), with the addition of frost-resistant additives. This type of packaging is widely used in many food industries.

Today's consumers of a similar package want more intense emotional experiences of their products, and inclined more to experiment. In this case, a lot depends on how the product is perceived by the end user. Taking into account all the wishes of the client, we offer in a short time to produce cup inserts of exclusive form with a possible spelling of company name or brand on its bottom. This decision will not only help to stand out favorably in the market of such products, but will serve as a reliable protection of your product.