Polypropylene cup decorated with cardboard

PP cup decorated by cardboard intended for Premium class quality with printing of new features. This technology allows to wrap the polypropylene glass in a cardboard shell.

In our production there are two versions of this technology:

  • A cardboard label is applied only on the lateral surface of the glass;
  • A cardboard label is applied, both on the lateral surface of the glass, and on the bottom.

This technology brings a new level of decorating of polypropylene cup, creating new competitive advantages for your packaging, such as:

  • New printing capabilities;
  • Patterning the entire height of the sidewall cups;
  • The use of transparent cup is possible to apply pattern on the inner wall of the cardboard shell;
  • Increase the barrier properties of packaging (light and heat conduction);
  • Selecting a cup with a cardboard bottom will give your packaging visually more volume and, if necessary, additional space to accommodate the text information.