The company policy of quality

Politics of “Unifol" Ltd. aimed at providing guaranteed high quality products through the introduction of scientific and technological achievements and continuous improvement in all phases of product life cycle.

Our motto is: Success Together!

The main task in the field of quality, we believe, is further development and improvement of manufacturing closures, plastic containers and other packaging materials to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers.


To achieve this goal we have set the following objectives:

  • continuous learning and processing of consumer demand and global trends in packaging;
  • Identification and establishment of quality management system processes and  clear management through the implementation process and system approach;
  • Conduct a comprehensive training in the field of modern methods of quality assurance, training for the production of packaging materials for food industry;
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers;
  • the application of scientific and patent developments in the field of production and process control.

At the same time we adhere to the following principles:

  • Development is the engine of our constant work to the satisfaction of the customer;
  • Developing and maintaining a corporate culture, motivation and encouragement of staff to produce high quality products;
  • to make managerial decisions based on analysis of data and objective information;
  • focus on the safety of production in relation to the environment.

Quality Policy of "Unifol" Ltd. is realized through the development and implementation of the quality management system ( QMS). Management believes that the implementation of this Policy is the foundation of a successful company and is committed to continuously analyze and improvement of the existing QMS to increase the effectiveness of its action.