The birthday of screw cap!

Classic wooden cork - this is one of the oldest objects known to mankind. The aluminum cap is much younger - almost a century and a quarter years have passed since that moment, as an Englishman Dan Raylends received a patent for a bottle that clog by the screw cap of aluminum - this was August 10, 1889.

Before becoming a popular - in the 30s of XX century - the screw cap had to overcome the conservatism of winemakers, who stubbornly adhere to the traditional cork. But then the first experiments of Davis at the University of California have shown that aluminum screw cap in quality is no worse than the classic corks. In Europe, the invention of Davis has earned recognition in the 60s, and France surrendered on the last, recognizing the aluminum cap is suitable for sealing of table wines in 1968. Because of this we are now able to enjoy a variety of bottles with screw cap, which allowed us to make containers for alcoholic beverages cheap, convenient and practical.

The process of manufacturing of aluminum screw caps is long and complicated. The production site of Unifol has a complete production cycle of this product. The first stage takes place on the line of lithography. It is applying multi-layered paint and print on the sheet.

The second stage is cutting of colored sheet. The resulting preform is fed to the line to paint side wall. At this stage, the workpiece is applied to print in different colors and by flexo effects, and this is the third stage.

In the fourth stage decorated cap is transferred to the break-line on which the screw thread  is applied to, perforated for easy opening off the bottle and insert the gasket, or metering device. The cap is ready!

There are many design options of cap. This is a normal printing, embossing (giving a relief on the surface of the cap), milling of the surface is prepared by the ousted, hot foil stamping on a special line. It is used different types of metering devices that provide dose-spill of drink in combination with an aluminum cap.

All this can only be done on modern equipment. Production site of Unifol Company is equipped with this equipment.

So now, seemingly simple product like an aluminum cap not only provides sealing and safety of the drink, but also, because of its adaptability, protects against forgery, gives a special status to the overall product, makes recognizable and easy to use. A huge variety of sizes and decoration allow designers to identify the product in the beverage market. What else lies ahead, and what advances in the production of closures will be offered to our customers in the near future, as will be modified and what else a simple screw cap can surprise us with you? We'll see!